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Unstuff Your Life

Create harmony, simplicity and balance in your life….


Are you feeling "overwhelmed" and "overburdened"?

Is there too much stuff in your life?  Actual stuff, as well as commitments, responsibilities and activities that take up so much time?

Are you trying to do it all?  But not able to do it well? 










Release your burdens & worries & excessive accumulations.



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Perhaps you're a senior – needing help with decluttering and downsizing – facing the challenges of a move… woman-hands in air

Maybe you are a working professional with too much stuff to juggle – literally… in red with son on shoulders

Or possibly you are a stay-at-home parent – most likely a mom – spending time with your kids, organizing schedules, replenishing supplies, trying to manage "all that stuff" and having little time for yourself…



• To declutter your spaces – making them clean, functional and attractive

• To "unstuff your life" – making it joyful and sustainable

• To create well-being – living more easily – in harmony, simplicity and balance..


Help with your decluttering

For those of you living in the Greater Victoria area, I will help you with your decluttering and organizing challenges.  I'll provide you with inspiration, support, and guidance on your decluttering journey.


Help with Moving In!

Moving day can be just another big hassle.  Hopefully, you've already decluttered and gotten rid of LOTS of stuff before you pack up your remaining treasures.  

Now you've moved and need to unpack your things and find new places for them. If you don't have a group of friends ready to help (or prefer not to involve them in this task), I am willing to work with you to get your stuff unpacked, organized, and put away.  It can save you many hours (and much work!) if you have another pair of willing hands to help you get settled in your new home. 


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What is it worth to you to gain freedom & ease and create more space in your life?  To have a smile on your face when you notice the neat, orderly, tidy, functional and really, really attactive places around you?

Your Decision – Today, right now, you can choose to either wait and let things in your life continue to unravel, or you can take the first steps to getting your life back.


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I offer a "no-obligation" consultation to discuss your individual needs. Now is as good a time as any to make space for YOU!   


Elaine Weidner


Phone:  250-298-8367

Location:  Victoria, BC  CANADA